Thai Yoga Massage in Coventry

Thai Yoga Massage in Coventry

Traditional Thai massage

The origin of this traditional Thai massage or “Naud Thai” as it is known in Thailand is part of traditional medicine, whose origin goes back to Buddhist practices of more than 2,500 years ago.

Thai massage works the energetic lines of the body, also called “SEN” lines, through a series of pressures with fingers and palms, and also gentle, dynamic and rhythmic stretching, whose purpose and therapeutic effect harmonizes, balances and energizes your body, mental and emotional part.

  • Thai massage benefits above all in cases of:
  •  Stress and stress in the body and mind
  • Fertility issues
  • Muscular and joint pains
  • Insomnia and nervous tension
  • Loss of flexibility or ability to move
  • Circulatory problems

The body, free of stress and toxins, is invaded by a sensation of lightness, well-being and mental relaxation.

This massage is done on a futon bed and comfortable clothes.

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