Just running out the door but just wanted to say how very very much I enjoyed yesterday. I must admit to being a bit trepidatious but actually I enjoyed it more than any treatment I have had in a very long time (don’t tell Jacs!)😉
its made a massive difference already and all day yesterday I worked on my breathing – including when a spider the size of a werewolf sauntered into my bedroom and I even managed to remain (a little bit) calm!!

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Morning Ray, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my treatment yesterday, feel like lots is really shifting, having a day of needing to cleanse, clear out. Slept so deeply, it was amazing. Thanks a million. Have a truly beautiful day 💕🙏🌈

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Dear Ray
Today my body knows it’s been helped to remind itself to let go of many of its memories; some of these are nearly as old as I am, and I have no doubt that some were learned before I even experienced myself as a conscious being! I can feel there is more letting go to do; and although my mind is happy to let go, I feel the body to be such a habitual creature with a long memory. I wonder if you would agree with that? Certainly, I can hear mine saying, “Well, Sally, that was a proper good start, and with some exercise and regular reminders from Ray, I think we can undo much, and dance you into your latter years with as much ease and comfort as you and the ageing process will allow.”

So, thank you! Looking forward to my next treatment.

Blessings returned with gratitude,

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Dear Ray,
I’ve been thinking about what you asked, and decided to write up some meanderings whilst they’re still fresh. I also don’t want my moth-like mind to get distracted and forget to send you something!
At first I was really stumped with where to start; I find it difficult to remember the first session. And then I realised that in fact, that’s one of the extremely positive things I’ve taken from our time together: it doesn’t feel as though there ever was a ‘beginning’ (or indeed an “end” for that matter). It’s as if all the sessions have become the points and angles of a diamond – you know how the cut of them keeps prisming up the light differently? It’s like that. As if all the sessions reverberate between each other, and the overall experience is richer for it.
So here are just a couple of the glints of light that really filled my eyes and stopped me in my tracks:
When you said you don’t have to be brutal to initiate deep change. It is so rare for a masseur or body worker to recognise the power of gentle touch rather than the maxim of “no pain, no gain”. Your ability to adjust depths and strengths of touch to the body’s needs is so perfectly in tune that it astounds me.
Breathing. You like your breathing don’t you… But that’s good because I like breathing too. The technique of synchronising the breathing and the body gestures is a stroke of genius. So thank you. The power of the massage just seemed to multiply tenfold thereafter. Even today, all of the points and the energy that I got from them just rolled around all number of limbs and muscles. That is definitely a Ray top tip moment…
These last two are specific technical things. But you know Ray, it’s quite difficult to put your finger on why something is good when it is that good. But really, if I’m honest it comes down to you.
Now it goes without saying that no matter how hard you try, it might just be that now and again you get a client whose body just doesn’t click with yours – I’m assuming it happens to everybody, just life right? But as far as therapists go, I can’t think of someone more able to facilitate the shared space necessary for healing to occur. You are warm, centred and generous, and absolutely true to yourself (which is just the kind of beacon/ lighthouse anchoring that one needs to see them to the next shore).
I myself cannot thank you enough for your kindness this past year (and the simply perfect send off massage today). You are a cracker of a human being and I look forward to the next time I get to see you stand on your arms/ elbow/ hands/ big left toe…
All my love,

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I recently had my second session with Thai Studio Leamington Spa and enjoyed it even more than the first. Ray is a complete pleasure to work with and is really helping me with an ongoing back problem. As a student of massage therapy I have been to a few therapists and he is certainly one of the best I have had so far. His Thai massage technique is much more versatile and interactive than your standard massage and in my opinion is much more effective. I will definitely be returning!

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Good morning Ray,
I hope you arrived home last night safely and apologies again to you and your wife for keeping you so late . I didn’t realise about the time. It went so quick and it felt so short !!
I can not find enough word to thanks you for last evening. It was a revelation for me and a bit scary as well as I underestimated how much is involved and the power that it is on it. Your Thai treatment was an open eyes experience for me and I can see why you were getting such as good feedback in the NEC, yes I do also believe your Thai works in amazing ways and you are already blending it beautifully with the little Shiatsu I have seen. If at the end of my 3 years course I could work like you do now, it will be a miracle for me and amazing too. If I ever make people feel what you make me feel yesterday , it will be awesome!!!. Thanks for helping me in this journey and I will feel very privilege to be able to share time in the future if you will allow me . I feel like I have found my Yin & Yan with you and Becky. I can not be much happier right now!!!! J

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Happy Days
Hi ray, just to say thank you so much for the treatment at the holistic fair yesterday.I feel like a well oiled machine, and my back pain has totally gone. I feel fantastic. Just wanted to say thank you, you are a brilliant therapist and I shall recommend you where ever I can. Josie.
Chill out zone NEC 11th May 2015

Ditto the same comments at the same event! It was lovely to meet you. Salome

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Thank you so much Ray Cluer
Aaaaa- ma-ZING!!! I love massages, but never had such a great thai massage in my entire little life!!! Can’t wait to go back for the next one.
Claire Ashby‎

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a huge thanks to Ray Cluer ; for fantastic Thai massage.. unbelievable:) go and check him out if haven’t already! — feeling relaxed. Tulie ,

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Had my first Thai Yoga massage last night courtesy of Ray Cluer…it shifted lots of stuff and today I feel physically and emotionally energised…I highly recommend Ray. Thank you Michelle x

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Thai Studio Leamington Spa shared Jade Emma Harding’s status.
12 January
Had the most amazing thai massage today! Feel like every stress has been lifted.. Thank you Ray Cluer.. Pleasure to work with you again! smile emoticon

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Jacqui and her husband Ray make a great team. I had a thai yoga massage the night before the transfer by Ray, which was just amazing. I felt relaxed and slept so well as all anxiety was forgotten. They make a fab team and both genuinely care.

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Ray thank you,
You are not only are you such a fantastic Thai massage man, but I am extremely fortunate to call you my friend. What ever you do Ray you are creative, brilliant and such a caring GUY. See you soon. Blessings to you and your wife.
Have a fab holiday mate. Thank you !

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A very deep and relaxing massage. The service was informed and professional whilst being kind and humorous. All round, money well spent and a full recommendation on my part! Cheers, Ray.

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Hi Ray, it took me a while but nevertheless I don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank you very much for the great Thai Yoga Massage my partner and me could experience from you a couple of weeks ago. It was relaxing, intense and simply made us feel brilliant!

Thank you very much for this experience and see you soon,
Maria & Marcel

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Ray, thank you! This was my first experience of thai yoga massage and I did not know what to expect. You put me at ease, explained all that would happen and were continually in tune with my limits and abilities. I left feeling centred, stretched and energised. I loved it, thank you x Claire

om 2Just to say, you have a gift, I’ve had massage in Thailand, yours was so thorough and just perfect thank you :).
xxxx E x

om 2Miracle worker is what comes to mind…. I have never had a Thai Massage before and I have to say I highly recommend it. I went the day before one of my IVF treatments to help me relax and it worked wonders. thanks Ray E x

om 2Had a great Thai massage and bodywork session here today. If you feel bad and want to feel better go see Ray. Beautiful surroundings and two hours of pure bliss.
Sue Bailey

om 2Beautiful Thai massage, feeling invigorated thanks Ray x

om 2Magical+Powerful
todays session helped me re-discover the relaxation inside of me. Being so busy all the time makes it difficult to stop and relax.
But today i was utterly pampered, my body feels at peace with its self.
Thank you so much & see you soon.

om 2Loved everything about the massage, the studio, the release of tension, and the lovely stretches. i will be back very very soon!
Thank you Tracey

om 2I am a very driven person and find it difficult to relax.
the two hours spent with Ray and Thai massage was for me like taking a vacation from my busy life, a journey without having to purchase a ticket. Not only a spiritual journey but also very beneficial for the pain that i historically feel in my sacrum.
Thank you. JH

om 2I’ve had a number of Thai massages over the past three years. This one was the most thorough. Ray added “variations to the theme which i found very beneficial.
I am coming back for more !

om 2Thank you so much Ray for the fantastic introduction to Thai Yoga massage !! it was absolute bliss !!
I will be back,
Rachel x

om 2Thanks Ray- it was a fabulous massage! I loved some of the techniques you used that were new to me, As always your approach is very special which results in a wonderful experience.
lot of Love Kathryn

om 2Thank you very much, it was one of the best experiences I have had. I felt feather-light after the experience I didn’t want to wake up. My neck and back feel so much more relaxed, that no amount of physiotherapy ! achieved it in the past.
thank you, Dilraj

om 2A totally relaxing experience, catering for all my aches and pains and tight muscles, as a physio some of the techniques to release hips and lower back were fantastic. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful practise.

om 2Hi Ray Just to say i have about 75% less stiffness and discomfort in my back today. couldn’t be more pleased. thank you so much.

om 2Ray, i am feeling wonderful from your work, your work with me is spot on.
Jane P

om 2Dear Ray, just a big thank you to you for the fantastic treatments i am feeling so much more in tune with my body.
Lisa M

om 2Hi Ray hope all is well- realy felt good after Saturdays session it helped reduce my leg stiffness a lot, in fact i managed to sit cross leged at the peace festival for two hours yesterday i would not have been able to do this before so many thanks.
Mark T

om 2Another fabulous session, much improvement in very poorly shoulder, (impingement syndrome) thank you very much.
Jenine RS