Why Thai

Most of us know that massage offers various benefits and feels good, however, we seldom have knowledge of its specific benefits.

Therapeutic massage treats the body holistically, enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual health. The key physical benefits include stimulating the blood supply to remove toxins, relieving pain by calming the peripheral nervous system and improving joint mobility by toning and relaxing muscles.

Emotional and spiritual benefits start with the simple power of touch. As a highly documented source of healing, hands-on techniques promote relaxation and stress relief. In stimulating the release of endorphins, therapeutic massage can help to improve moods, reduce anxiety and increase energy levels.

Energetic modalities, such as Thai Massage / Thai Yoga Massage, work with your body’s energy system to restore balance and harmony. 

In supporting your body’s own healing abilities, treatment works to release toxins, stimulate the hormonal system and address psychological functions.

Massage treatments must be considered a necessary part of your health.